Zhang Zhung Images from a Lost Kingdom. Shang Shung Editions, 2010.

The kingdom of Zhang Zhung (Shang Shung), located in the area surrounding the sacred Mount Kailash in western Tibet, was the ancient realm of the pre-Buddhist Bon religion, originating more than three thousand years ago. This kingdom, was virtually forgotten in modern times, even by the Tibetans themselves, who regarded it as merely the irreal setting of their myths and legends. Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, university professor and Dzogchen master, discovered in his decades-long research into Tibetan history, culture and language that this kingdom was in fact the true cradle of Tibetan civilization. Two of his recent publications concern the Zhang Zhung culture,  The Light of Kailash – Volume One (Shang Shung Editions),  and a second work,  Zhang Zhung – Images from a Lost Kingdom (Shang Shung Editions), which documents his historic discovery of one of the capitals of this ancient realm, Khyung lung dngul mkhar, during an expedition to western Tibet in 1988.

Zhang Zhung – Images from a Lost Kingdom, details this historic journey to Khyung lung dngul mkhar, the Silver Palace of the Valley of the Garuda, with a written account by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, entitled “Zhang Zhung: A Brief Introduction”, and is illustrated by a photographic essay, made during the expedition, containing twenty-four color and sixteen black-and-white pictures which document this spectacular “silver palace” and its surrounding city of caves, carved into the sheer cliff face.

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